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Every product has a story.  From the ingredients it was made with, to the feeling it conveys when used, the story sells the product.  While we definitely shoot the essential white background images for e-commerce, our specialty is delivering vivid and eye-catching images that grab a consumer's attention and makes them consider the product.  We love working with brands of all kinds to create styled photos that evoke a lifestyle or feeling.  

Our team will work with you to come up with a look specific to your brand and source props that match your colors and aesthetics.  

Product Photography

frequently asked questions

Do you photograph anything other than what you show in your portfolio?
We definitely do. From massage chairs to shoes, we’ve done a lot. Not everything we shoot goes into our portfolio, so send us an email and ask for additional galleries.  

What is the difference between advertising images, white background e-commerce shots, and flatlays?

These three styles of product photography can vary greatly in lighting, pre-production, and post-production. If you need only one style or multiple styles, we will have to know in advance. Out of the three styles, advertising images take the most amount of time because the production value is high. Every detail has to be perfect in order for it took look amazing for print. These are the images you want for website banners, brochures, posters, print ads, and billboards.  

White background e-commerce shots require less production time, but it is very technical. For example, if you have 5 products that look exactly the same but they are all different colors, we will shoot it the exact same way with the same angles for each one, and we will color match to the products exactly. Our detail oriented product photographers will ensure that your products are represented accurately.

Flatlays typically involve a combination of products laid out together to create a lifestyle image. You will see these type of images are all over Instagram and social media, and they are also fantastic for blog posts.  

Do we have to be there for the shoot? Can we just send you products to photograph?
It is completely up to your personal preference. Some clients will sit in on the shoot with us, and some would rather send us the products and inspiration board, and let us shoot it on our own. We are flexible.  

What if I want models with my products?
We can absolutely add models to your product shots. A great model will do wonders for the image of the brand. If this is a route you want to take, let us know, and we will walk you through the advantages and the general cost.

How much do you charge for product photos?
Our rates are dependent on the size of the product, what style you want us to shoot the products, whether it is at our studio or on-location, how many products and angles, usage, and how much production is involved.
We start at $1250 for product photography.  


Products don't sell itself.  Captivating photos do!  Book your next product shoot with Musee Studios.

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