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Nestled in the heart of Houston’s East Downtown, Seaside Poke has made itself well-known among the community as the go-to poke spot for a delicious and quick lunch.  The ingredients are always fresh, and I personally go at least once a week.  I chatted with Alex, one of the co-owners, about how Seaside Poke got started, and what it took to get to where they are now.

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What makes Seaside Poke different than all other poke restaurants in Houston?



What makes SeaSide different is that the ingredients we offer are not only fresh/made in house, but sourced locally. We also offer seasonal ingredients that change every week so the options are endless.

Were you in the restaurant business before, and what inspired you to start Seaside Poke?

I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 13 years. I’ve worked in every type of restaurant from fast casual to fine dining. What inspired me to do SeaSide is the fact that I love sushi!

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What was a hurdle you had to overcome to make Seaside Poke a success?

A big hurdle that we had to overcome was the fact that we were some of the youngest people to do what we were doing. We not only had to prove that our concept works and that our food was good, but also that we can actually be business owners at such a young age.

What do you think is the best method for marketing a restaurant and what has worked for you?

The best method of marketing is most definitely word of mouth. People tend to want to go to a place that their friend recommends rather than something they see in an ad or on social media.

If you can give one tip for aspiring entrepeneurs in the restaurant world, what would that advice be?

Trust the process. Take the time to learn as much as possible from your own business because what works for others will most likely not work for you. This isn’t a “one size fits all” type of profession.

Seaside Poke


Interview and Photos by:  Ling Wang

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