We strive for our food imagery to be as authentic as possible. We want people to envision themselves enjoying every bite and sip. Delivering vivid and thoughtful food imagery is what we do best. We love working with restaurants of all kinds, and we have a passion for crafting styled images that match the look and aesthetic of the dish.

We believe the greatest compliment our food photography has ever received is, “Every single image I see makes me hungry!” You can rest assured that people will feel the same way about your photos. They will keep coming back for more!

Food Photography

frequently asked questions

Can you take photos of our restaurant and staff as well as the dishes?
We absolutely can! If you need additional photos of the space, staff, chef, or hospitality related shots, just let us know during the pre-production process.

How long does it take for you to take photos of each dish?
It really depends on your needs and where the images will go. It also depends on the lighting, whether we are shooting natural light, constant light, or a blend of both. On average, it’s about 15-30 minutes per dish.

Where do you photograph the food?
We typically photograph on-site at restaurants, but depending on the lighting, we may arrange another location as well.

Can you work with us to photograph a cookbook?
Absolutely, our food photographer has experience photographing cookbooks. Please inquire well in advance of your deadline since there is extensive production for cookbooks.

Can you style the looks or do we have to hire a food stylist?
Our food photographer and production team are experienced in styling. However, if you have a food stylist you would like to hire, we would be happy to work with he or she.

How much do you charge for food photography?
Our rates are dependent on your needs, usage, production and how many dishes there are to photograph. Please contact us for a detailed quote.


Entice people to taste your food and experience your restaurant with captivating food imagery from Musee Studios.  

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